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But that all changed in the 45 minutes or so following the Wildcats’ 11-point victory over the Bruins. The RS Mobile Gold sports world then flipped over to TBS to watch Florida and Wisconsin play in the best game of not just Friday, but of the entire tournament. Despite trailing by 11 in the first half, Florida led by two at halftime and seemed to be in total control of the game for nearly the entirety of the second half.


That changed in the final minute when Wisconsin once again proved to be nearly impossible to get rid of in March. A few clutch shots by the Badgers, a missed layup from Kasey Hill, and a couple of ill-advised Florida turnovers all led to Bucky having one last shot to hit a three and extend the game. That’s when Zak Showalter did this: Overtime was a total reversal of the end of regulation.


Wisconsin now seemed to be the team in Cheap RS Mobile Gold control, but missed free throws and some ill-advised fouls allowed Florida to make it a one-possession game in the final minute. With the Badgers clinging to a two-point lead, Khalil Iverson seemed to have broken free for an uncontested layup that would double his team’s lead. Canyon Barry was having none of that: Both teams would add two points to their totals,


 leaving Florida down two with only 4.5 seconds to go. Chris Chiozza then became a March immortal: We almost made it all the way to the Elite Eight without a memorable last-second shot, and here we get two in the same game, the second one being a true game-winning buzzer-beater. Florida coach Mike White admitted after the game that he should have fouled at the end of regulation, but college hoops fans across the country wound up benefitting significantly from his mistake.


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